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Blog > Grey Fleet doesn’t have to be a grey area

  • by Christie Duckworth

    Many of you may have heard of the term ‘Grey Fleet’ and have no clue what it actually means…

    “A grey fleet vehicle is owned and driven by an employee for business purposes. The employee is reimbursed on a pence per mile basis for using their private vehicle on business journeys. Vehicles used by employees under cash allowance schemes are considered grey fleet too.”

    So if it’s their vehicle, it’s solely their responsibility to make sure it’s safe, right? Wrong…

    An organisation has a legal duty of care to an employee at work, regardless of vehicle ownership, meaning grey fleet vehicles need to be managed as diligently as company-owned or leased vehicles.

    If after reading the above you have any concerns regarding your fleet compliance, our fleet management team is more than happy to have a chat over the phone to give you the peace of mind you need.

    Call us on 01772 73 73 83 or email

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